What to pack if you’re going to a mountain

Doesn’t matter if you’re planning a long vacation or just a quick escape from routine, mountains will always be a nice destination to relax and admire some of the most beautiful landscapes from the heights. They’re noble locations, you can go during summers, winters or whenever you feel like it, but there are a few things you must keep in mind when going to a mountain and one of the main ones consist in what you should carry with you. Keep reading and find out what to pack if you’re going to a mountain.

First of all, wear layers of clothing. Hiking on tall mountains is a synonym of experiencing sudden temperature drops and you need to keep your body warm if you’re doing that kind of exercise. Of course, you’ll get thirsty either it’s hot or cold out there, so your first essential’s got to be a water bottle or a bladder to keep hydrated, 2 liters can be enough. And speaking of liters, you’ll be in the need of a 20L bag to carry all the essentials like the water bottle/bladder, some food to recover energy and some extra layers to cope with cold temperatures if they kick in.

Now let’s talk about comfort. Mountains are known for having a harsh terrain, so you have to be prepared to take care of your feet and your joints. If you wear some sneakers, you’ll feel comfortable the first hundred meters, but if you want a long hike, go for a pair of boots, they’ll keep your feet warm, dry and protected.

You should have a nice base layer that keeps you warm on cold weather, wool and polyester clothing will always be a nice option. There’s a high possibility of you getting caught in a little rebel cloud, so having a raincoat in your bag is a smart choice. The advantage of wearing layers is that the rain coat doesn’t have to be immense, just waterproof.

Even in cold mountains you have to wear a nice hat and pack a tube of sunscreen. It’s important to be protected from the sun as a heat stroke might ruin your run and sunburned skin is pretty annoying. In order to protect your skin from other things, it’s nice to pack a can of bug spray or a cream with similar properties, nature is filled with mosquitoes that will not have a doubt on have a feast on unprotected skin.

Thinking on your energy, you need to pack some appropriate snacks like energy bars, fruits, protein balls, candies for sugar boosts and some electrolyte-rich beverages to compensate the sweat.

Last but not least, there are some accessories that might become handy such as sunglasses, swimwear and a small towel (if you find a river or a lake), headlamps and other that might depend on weather’s behavior such as a scarf or a pair of gloves.

Adventures in the mountains are waiting for you and now you are prepared to enjoy them!