What not to pack in your luggage

When it comes to traveling, there are many things that need to be taken care of and one of them is packing. Almost all our efforts are put on staying under the weight limit and many other things that lead to the question “what do I pack?” There are sites that recommend you to pack an incredible amount of things that might cause you worries, troubles or that are not even that necessary. It’s easier to take a look on the following things that is better to leave out of your luggage.

First, you need to have your ID cards, Passports, boarding passes and any other document that contain vital information. If you’re traveling for work, you might have a great amount of important papers that is better to leave in your carry on. If you need to pack them in your luggage, have them backed up in a flash drive, a cloud or with hard copies.

Jewelry and valuable objects need to stay out of the luggage. This is mainly because even when just a small percentage of luggages is lost or damaged by the airline, you might have the bad luck to be on that statistics. Airlines do not tend to compensate the complete value of a lost or damaged bag or its content. In fact, they’ll only pay a top price of $3,300, so leave those valuables at home or in the carry on.

Now, when it comes to your laptop and other electronic devices, the premise is very similar to the one that goes with jewels. Electronics in general are often fragile and will get easily damaged and prone to break or burglary. Remember that these objects are handled as if it was only clothing, so instead of filling your checked bag with foam and towels to protect them, leave them on your carry on.

The following is important: do not pack the totality of your clothing in your checked luggage! As said before, you might have the bad luck to have your luggage lost or delayed and you need to wear fresh clothes while expecting compensation or a delayed luggage. Keep essential clothing in your carry on. Toothbrush, combs, cosmetics and other hygiene essentials should be on your carry on as well.

Even when you’re not prohibited from packing some food or beverages, it is advisable not to do so. Beverages tend to be crushed or exploit when in transit and damage the rest of the things you packed. Also, if your luggage gets delayed, the packed food might spoil and odors might get your clothing nasty. Check for what kind of foods you might bring to another country.

Last but not least, if you’re taking medications, pack them on your carry on. It might be difficult to get new ones on your destination if these get lost with the rest of your luggage. Leave your cash, credit cards and breakable items out of your luggage as well and have fun in your next trip!