The best restaurants in France don’t miss them!

France is known for its great historic legacy left during the Illustration, for having an incredible amount of athletes in almost every sport played nowadays, for having the most beautiful cities of the whole European continent, but most of all, for its way to express love through their language and cuisine. French cuisine has gained thousands of admirers and inspired many chefs around the world to start their careers on this branch, so maybe they’ve visited the following restaurants to taste the true French taste. Follow the read to find about the best restaurants in France.

Let’s start our journey in Megève where we can find the incredible Flocons de Sel. At first, the main attraction to this place is an outstanding deluxe hotel, but an incredible magic relies on its restaurant. Emmanuel Renaut proposed a great approach to the region characteristic cuisine and said in just a few words that he doesn’t consider himself as a leader but a guide. “Through my cuisine, I try to deliver a message that goes beyond emotions.” The menu varies as the seasons do, so depending the time of your visit, you’ll find a different flavor to astonish your taste buds.

Now, almost at the French-German border, in Philippsbourg, there is the famous restaurant and hotel called L’Arnsbourg. This restaurant is run by the Mengus couple whom also run the Cygne in Gundershoffen. L’Arnsbourg counts with an incredibly varied menus and carts that are centered in a product with the maximum quality. Also, the restaurant counts with a calm environment where you will get to see the nearby forests while having one of the most amazing culinary experiences of all.

Our next stop is the central-eastern region of France. In Chagny we can find the amazing place that is Maison Lameloise. Run by the greatly talented chef that is Eric Pras, this place is one where the experience is one of the best. Pras developed an excellent menu that consists in freshness, precision and delicateness that lead to a well constructed product. This restaurant has a special degree when it comes to pair food and wine. The menu is experiencing changes often in order to suit the seasons and the creativity of the kitchen staff. Let this incredible place seduce you with its incredible plates and its comfort.

Now we go to place that is nearer to Spain than it is to Paris. The city of Eugénie Les Bains host the incredible resort called Les Prés d’Eugéine. Michel Guérard is more than pleased to be in the top restaurants of France and the world for more than 40 years. His “free, clear, light, cheerful, ethereal, calm, silky and smooth” cuisine goes from the most luxury dishes to affordable menus to celebrate incredible local products. The experience in this place is poetical as the head chef plays with flavors just like if he was a composer.

A journey of luxury across France waits for the most sophisticated palates. Delight yourself with the best restaurants!