Places to visit in Chile!

When it comes to South America, most of the attention is fixed on the vast amount of beaches of the Atlantic that bathe Brazil or the ones from the Caribbean that bathe Colombia and Venezuela, tropical forests including their rains and divers wildlife and of course the tropical heat, but there’s much more out there, deserts, glaciers and other things that make this continent even more diverse. A vast amount of the non-typical South American features that will amaze everyone who sees them can be found in Chile, so hop on a journey across this beautiful country and get to know the best places to visit!

First, we can find the San Rafael Glacier. This spectacle brought to you by Mother Nature is located within the Laguna San Rafael National Park. You can reach the glacier via plane but it’s recommended to get there by boat, where you will feel tiny in front of that mountain made out of pure ice. Even when you only get to see the end of the glacier that extends around 15km from its source, you will be astonished by its colors and majesty.

Next up, we can find one of the most amazing places in the whole world, Valle de la Luna. Its literal translation is “Valley of the Moon” and this place was baptized with this name because its landscape resembles the dust and stones that can be found in the lunar landscapes as well. It’s located within the Atacama Desert, the driest Desert in Earth, which means that this is the best scenario to stargaze during the night without a single cloud passing by. Its rocks and sand dunes are amazing, but its temperature changes are even more since snow may appear at the end of daylight.

Keeping the mood on landscapes full of stone, we can go to Torres del Paine. These are located within the homonymous National Park that consists in glaciers, mountains and lakes with water so pure that you can think someone used RO to clean it. The main attractions of this beautiful place are three granite peaks that reach up to 2500 meters. Locals baptized these peaks as towers so the literal translation gives the name to the natural monument. This is one of the most amazing places where you can see the power of glacier ice as a sculpting force.

Our trip could finish in the most popular Chilean destination, the Easter Island. This island was once home to the Rapauni, a indigenous tribe that sculpted the main attractions, the Moais. These anthropomorphized statues are outstanding and full of mystery, so there’s no doubt why so many people want to see them. Also, there’s the chance to enjoy a little bath in a sandy beach or hop on a surfing tour once you arrive there. This island is very far from the Chilean shore, so its volcanic craters represent no harm.

Chile has much to offer, so plan your trip and enjoy as soon as possible!