Malaysia, top places to visit

When thinking about Asia you might get overwhelm by the exotic Hong Kong, or the high tech and culture of Tokyo. Malaysia may not be your first choice, but this article might change your mind. This country has some of the best landscapes of the Southeast Asia .

Malaysia combines the best of two worlds: modern, fast and high tech on one hand, and a developing country with a high respect for nature and a very rich culture. It’s capital is Kuala Lumpur, famous for its emblematic Petronas Towers, a symbol of progress and a unique architectonic. This wonderful skyscrapers filled with luxury and cleaned by the best carpet cleaner are a sight to be hold at the heart of the city. This is not the best part, this iconic city is the home for different ethnicities that come together in a wonderful example of tolerance and diversity. This mix reflex on the amazing food that you’ll try. The culinary experience has so much to offer, different cultures bring a unique flavor to the table. You can stay for 3 months in the city and have not try everything in the menu. You can visit temples of different religions and really feel the soul of the country.

However Malaysia is not the Petronas Tower alone, you can find stunning landscapes and natural hidden treasures. Perhentian Islands is one of the most popular spots for tourists and backpackers. There are two islands, each one its a unique character. Perhentian Kecil is the small island, a hidden treasure away from the hustle of the crowds, perfect for an excellent diving or snorkeling experience in its crystal blue waters and white sand. On the other hand you have Perhentian Besar is perfect for families and couples who want to have fun under the sun and laid back a little bit. No matter what you choose, you wont be disappointed.

If you are looking for some traditional culture experience, then you can find cities such as Malacca, a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This relaxed city near by Kuala Lumpur is a colorful small town heavily colonial influenced. It offers delicious street food from all around the globe given the culture mix. You can get by train from KL and stay in a small inn to get the whole feeling of this historical small town.

So next time you are planning your vacations on South Asia, think twice before looking over Malaysia.