Malaysia, top places to visit

Malaysia, top places to visit

When thinking about Asia you might get overwhelm by the exotic Hong Kong, or the high tech and culture of Tokyo. Malaysia may not be your first choice, but this article might change your mind. This country has some of the best landscapes of the Southeast Asia .

Malaysia combines the best of two worlds: modern, fast and high tech on one hand, and a developing country with a high respect for nature and a very rich culture. It’s capital is Kuala Lumpur, famous for its emblematic Petronas Towers, a symbol of progress and a unique architectonic. This wonderful skyscrapers filled with luxury and cleaned by the best carpet cleaner are a sight to be hold at the heart of the city. This is not the best part, this iconic city is the home for different ethnicities that come together in a wonderful example of tolerance and diversity. This mix reflex on the amazing food that you’ll try. The culinary experience has so much to offer, different cultures bring a unique flavor to the table. You can stay for 3 months in the city and have not try everything in the menu. You can visit temples of different religions and really feel the soul of the country.

However Malaysia is not the Petronas Tower alone, you can find stunning landscapes and natural hidden treasures. Perhentian Islands is one of the most popular spots for tourists and backpackers. There are two islands, each one its a unique character. Perhentian Kecil is the small island, a hidden treasure away from the hustle of the crowds, perfect for an excellent diving or snorkeling experience in its crystal blue waters and white sand. On the other hand you have Perhentian Besar is perfect for families and couples who want to have fun under the sun and laid back a little bit. No matter what you choose, you wont be disappointed.

If you are looking for some traditional culture experience, then you can find cities such as Malacca, a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This relaxed city near by Kuala Lumpur is a colorful small town heavily colonial influenced. It offers delicious street food from all around the globe given the culture mix. You can get by train from KL and stay in a small inn to get the whole feeling of this historical small town.

So next time you are planning your vacations on South Asia, think twice before looking over Malaysia.


Places to visit in Chile!

Chile Places To Visit

When it comes to South America, most of the attention is fixed on the vast amount of beaches of the Atlantic that bathe Brazil or the ones from the Caribbean that bathe Colombia and Venezuela, tropical forests including their rains and divers wildlife and of course the tropical heat, but there’s much more out there, deserts, glaciers and other things that make this continent even more diverse. A vast amount of the non-typical South American features that will amaze everyone who sees them can be found in Chile, so hop on a journey across this beautiful country and get to know the best places to visit!

First, we can find the San Rafael Glacier. This spectacle brought to you by Mother Nature is located within the Laguna San Rafael National Park. You can reach the glacier via plane but it’s recommended to get there by boat, where you will feel tiny in front of that mountain made out of pure ice. Even when you only get to see the end of the glacier that extends around 15km from its source, you will be astonished by its colors and majesty.

Next up, we can find one of the most amazing places in the whole world, Valle de la Luna. Its literal translation is “Valley of the Moon” and this place was baptized with this name because its landscape resembles the dust and stones that can be found in the lunar landscapes as well. It’s located within the Atacama Desert, the driest Desert in Earth, which means that this is the best scenario to stargaze during the night without a single cloud passing by. Its rocks and sand dunes are amazing, but its temperature changes are even more since snow may appear at the end of daylight.

Keeping the mood on landscapes full of stone, we can go to Torres del Paine. These are located within the homonymous National Park that consists in glaciers, mountains and lakes with water so pure that you can think someone used RO to clean it. The main attractions of this beautiful place are three granite peaks that reach up to 2500 meters. Locals baptized these peaks as towers so the literal translation gives the name to the natural monument. This is one of the most amazing places where you can see the power of glacier ice as a sculpting force.

Our trip could finish in the most popular Chilean destination, the Easter Island. This island was once home to the Rapauni, a indigenous tribe that sculpted the main attractions, the Moais. These anthropomorphized statues are outstanding and full of mystery, so there’s no doubt why so many people want to see them. Also, there’s the chance to enjoy a little bath in a sandy beach or hop on a surfing tour once you arrive there. This island is very far from the Chilean shore, so its volcanic craters represent no harm.

Chile has much to offer, so plan your trip and enjoy as soon as possible!


The best restaurants in France don’t miss them!

Famous Restaurants in France

France is known for its great historic legacy left during the Illustration, for having an incredible amount of athletes in almost every sport played nowadays, for having the most beautiful cities of the whole European continent, but most of all, for its way to express love through their language and cuisine. French cuisine has gained thousands of admirers and inspired many chefs around the world to start their careers on this branch, so maybe they’ve visited the following restaurants to taste the true French taste. Follow the read to find about the best restaurants in France.

Let’s start our journey in Megève where we can find the incredible Flocons de Sel. At first, the main attraction to this place is an outstanding deluxe hotel, but an incredible magic relies on its restaurant. Emmanuel Renaut proposed a great approach to the region characteristic cuisine and said in just a few words that he doesn’t consider himself as a leader but a guide. “Through my cuisine, I try to deliver a message that goes beyond emotions.” The menu varies as the seasons do, so depending the time of your visit, you’ll find a different flavor to astonish your taste buds.

Now, almost at the French-German border, in Philippsbourg, there is the famous restaurant and hotel called L’Arnsbourg. This restaurant is run by the Mengus couple whom also run the Cygne in Gundershoffen. L’Arnsbourg counts with an incredibly varied menus and carts that are centered in a product with the maximum quality. Also, the restaurant counts with a calm environment where you will get to see the nearby forests while having one of the most amazing culinary experiences of all.

Our next stop is the central-eastern region of France. In Chagny we can find the amazing place that is Maison Lameloise. Run by the greatly talented chef that is Eric Pras, this place is one where the experience is one of the best. Pras developed an excellent menu that consists in freshness, precision and delicateness that lead to a well constructed product. This restaurant has a special degree when it comes to pair food and wine. The menu is experiencing changes often in order to suit the seasons and the creativity of the kitchen staff. Let this incredible place seduce you with its incredible plates and its comfort.

Now we go to place that is nearer to Spain than it is to Paris. The city of Eugénie Les Bains host the incredible resort called Les Prés d’Eugéine. Michel Guérard is more than pleased to be in the top restaurants of France and the world for more than 40 years. His “free, clear, light, cheerful, ethereal, calm, silky and smooth” cuisine goes from the most luxury dishes to affordable menus to celebrate incredible local products. The experience in this place is poetical as the head chef plays with flavors just like if he was a composer.

A journey of luxury across France waits for the most sophisticated palates. Delight yourself with the best restaurants!


What to pack if you’re going to a mountain

What To Pack If You're Going To The Mountains

Doesn’t matter if you’re planning a long vacation or just a quick escape from routine, mountains will always be a nice destination to relax and admire some of the most beautiful landscapes from the heights. They’re noble locations, you can go during summers, winters or whenever you feel like it, but there are a few things you must keep in mind when going to a mountain and one of the main ones consist in what you should carry with you. Keep reading and find out what to pack if you’re going to a mountain.

First of all, wear layers of clothing. Hiking on tall mountains is a synonym of experiencing sudden temperature drops and you need to keep your body warm if you’re doing that kind of exercise. Of course, you’ll get thirsty either it’s hot or cold out there, so your first essential’s got to be a water bottle or a bladder to keep hydrated, 2 liters can be enough. And speaking of liters, you’ll be in the need of a 20L bag to carry all the essentials like the water bottle/bladder, some food to recover energy and some extra layers to cope with cold temperatures if they kick in.

Now let’s talk about comfort. Mountains are known for having a harsh terrain, so you have to be prepared to take care of your feet and your joints. If you wear some sneakers, you’ll feel comfortable the first hundred meters, but if you want a long hike, go for a pair of boots, they’ll keep your feet warm, dry and protected.

You should have a nice base layer that keeps you warm on cold weather, wool and polyester clothing will always be a nice option. There’s a high possibility of you getting caught in a little rebel cloud, so having a raincoat in your bag is a smart choice. The advantage of wearing layers is that the rain coat doesn’t have to be immense, just waterproof.

Even in cold mountains you have to wear a nice hat and pack a tube of sunscreen. It’s important to be protected from the sun as a heat stroke might ruin your run and sunburned skin is pretty annoying. In order to protect your skin from other things, it’s nice to pack a can of bug spray or a cream with similar properties, nature is filled with mosquitoes that will not have a doubt on have a feast on unprotected skin.

Thinking on your energy, you need to pack some appropriate snacks like energy bars, fruits, protein balls, candies for sugar boosts and some electrolyte-rich beverages to compensate the sweat.

Last but not least, there are some accessories that might become handy such as sunglasses, swimwear and a small towel (if you find a river or a lake), headlamps and other that might depend on weather’s behavior such as a scarf or a pair of gloves.

Adventures in the mountains are waiting for you and now you are prepared to enjoy them!

What not to pack in your luggage

When it comes to traveling, there are many things that need to be taken care of and one of them is packing. Almost all our efforts are put on staying under the weight limit and many other things that lead to the question “what do I pack?” There are sites that recommend you to pack an incredible amount of things that might cause you worries, troubles or that are not even that necessary. It’s easier to take a look on the following things that is better to leave out of your luggage.

First, you need to have your ID cards, Passports, boarding passes and any other document that contain vital information. If you’re traveling for work, you might have a great amount of important papers that is better to leave in your carry on. If you need to pack them in your luggage, have them backed up in a flash drive, a cloud or with hard copies.

Jewelry and valuable objects need to stay out of the luggage. This is mainly because even when just a small percentage of luggages is lost or damaged by the airline, you might have the bad luck to be on that statistics. Airlines do not tend to compensate the complete value of a lost or damaged bag or its content. In fact, they’ll only pay a top price of $3,300, so leave those valuables at home or in the carry on.

Now, when it comes to your laptop and other electronic devices, the premise is very similar to the one that goes with jewels. Electronics in general are often fragile and will get easily damaged and prone to break or burglary. Remember that these objects are handled as if it was only clothing, so instead of filling your checked bag with foam and towels to protect them, leave them on your carry on.

The following is important: do not pack the totality of your clothing in your checked luggage! As said before, you might have the bad luck to have your luggage lost or delayed and you need to wear fresh clothes while expecting compensation or a delayed luggage. Keep essential clothing in your carry on. Toothbrush, combs, cosmetics and other hygiene essentials should be on your carry on as well.

Even when you’re not prohibited from packing some food or beverages, it is advisable not to do so. Beverages tend to be crushed or exploit when in transit and damage the rest of the things you packed. Also, if your luggage gets delayed, the packed food might spoil and odors might get your clothing nasty. Check for what kind of foods you might bring to another country.

Last but not least, if you’re taking medications, pack them on your carry on. It might be difficult to get new ones on your destination if these get lost with the rest of your luggage. Leave your cash, credit cards and breakable items out of your luggage as well and have fun in your next trip!